Information supervised visitation

Information supervised visitation

Welcome to Hegglia
At Hegglia we strive to maintain a good and safe environment for children. This includes supervised visitation. We have two apartments that are at your disposal during your time with your child/children; located at Bjørkvegen 12 a/c. Each apartment includes a kitchen which is at your disposal while you are there. We have have toys and activities suited for different age groups.

Our role
Our role/mandate during the visit is mainly to observe. Our mandate may vary slightly depending on the guidelines given by the Childrens Protective Service. After the visitation the supervisor will write a report regarding the meeting. The report is sent to the office in charge of the order (CPS), with a copy to Omsorgsenheten (if under the municipality of Trondheim). We hope you enjoy your time here at Hegglia with your child/ children.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the visitation:

Phone: 404 33 649

Mail: samvarhegglia@frelsesarmeen.no

Best regards from us at Hegglia.